Supports & Finishes

Aluminum Video Presentation


Composite Aluminum 4mm/0.15”

  • Our panels consist of 2 aluminum sheets with a polyethylene core named Reynobond, made by Alcoa. It is widely used because of its unique qualities-it is light, easy to cut, mill and drill, can be bent and comes in large sizes. The panels are digitally printed with our designs (patterns) using UV colors, and customized through graphic and hand made artistic touches with the use of acrylic paints. We then layer the surface with transparent, waterproof and UV resistant epoxy resin. We can even use metallic pigment powders, semi precious minerals, glitters, etc. inside the resin to further embellish our DECORATIVE ART PANELS. Panels will have a thickness of 4 mm/0.15”

Pure Aluminum 1 mm/0.040”

  • This support is used mostly to decorate curved walls, columns and furniture. Panels are made of pure anodized aluminum and they are extremely easy to bend. Our patterns are printed directly on these panels with the use of UV resistant colors that also prevent cracking of the pigments. Panels are then covered with a special epoxy resin that is flexible, allowing the panel to bend without any problem. Final thickness of these panels once epoxy resin is applied will be 1 mm/0.040”.

Canvas Art Panels

  • This was the first idea that Alex had in order to create lavish interiors and to rejuvenate the concept of luxury living as they are a valuable accent to tastefully created atmospheres. These Art Panels are made on canvas applied to lacquered wood panels and worked by Alex with his technique based on the use of acrylic colors and epoxy resin that can trap different natural elements such as crystals semi-precious minerals sand and metal pigments. The Canvas are a very unique and exclusive piece of art perfect for clients that desire to own a distinctive art.


PLEASE NOTE: Our DECORATIVE ART PANELS are a unique handmade product. Based on the chosen design, we offer different finishes and techniques. Since the product is handmade and considering the fact that our panels are usually very large, the shades and tones on the surface will vary. Each panel will be one of a kind.

Flat finish

  • This finish is the most simple and minimalist among the 3 different finishes we offer. The epoxy resin is rolled out by hand, without the use of any spray or industrial machinery. The final effect is that of a glass sheet. At times some very light variations of the surface can occur due to the fact that the resin is brushed and not sprayed. This finish is the one we recommend the most for our MINERALS collection, as it resembles a stone slab.

Dripping finish

  • This finish is the most appreciated and unique among our finishes. Given the fact that the epoxy resin in this case is brushed with a distressed technique, you will be able to understand at first sight that our products are handmade. The final effect will be the one of a unique piece of art as you will be able to see the brush strokes.
    You can have 3 different effects on the Dripping finish:
    1) Vertical strikes where you can notice the vertical lines of the brush strokes.
    2) Water drops where the panel looks as if water was running through the surface.
    3) Moon effect where the surface is not leveled and you can notice the effect of ripples and the different layers of the epoxy resin.

Textured finish

  • This is the only finish where you can have a real 3D effect. In this case we incorporate semiprecious minerals and sand and the client can also choose the quantity and positioning of the minerals. Moreover, with this finish the client can choose to incorporate any object or material he desires inside the epoxy resin.